Get behind-the-scenes experience, and help make the 2014 Albuquerque Maker Faire HAPPEN!

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You know want to volunteer! Join the Maker Corps now and help us make this year’s event the best it can be!


or email:
volunteers {at} albuquerque-minimakerfaire.com

Maker COrps Program

We have a new program for people who would like to volunteer their time and make an invaluable contribution to the success of our Maker Faire. We provide a platform to enhance your skills and learn about the Maker Movement.

What is the Maker Movement?

Join us on a journey to learn about the Maker Movement and use what you learn on site at Maker Faire. We will provide a course structure to develop insight and new skills that you will be able to apply on site at Maker Faire. For no cost but your time, you will be able to join us on site and experience the joy of the Maker Movement.

Want to be part of our Maker Corps?

From the founder of the Maker Movement, Dale Dougherty:

“Makers start with that simple idea to do something, which is why we call it DIY, but soon they find out that there are lots of people like you out there. When you find others, you have a community and that community offers a place to show your work, trade tools and swap ideas, and just have fun. And this isn’t just for some people, or just people who like air cannons.

I believe we are all makers. We can find all kinds of makers in our communities. Yet we also want to help create more makers. Through education and community outreach, we can offer the opportunity to make things to more people, but particularly children. They might find these opportunities at school but also at community centers, summer camps and science centers, or even at home. My goal is that all people, young and old, come to see themselves as makers, creators and doers because I know that the people who have the skills and knowledge to make things have the power to make the world a better place.”

Help us make the world a better place by learning more about the Maker Movement!

Time Commitments

You will need to complete the online training modules learning about the Maker Movement and Maker Faire Training. Then for your onsite experience, schedule in 4-hour blocks of time and we request that you will be available for at least one 4-hour block. Your time can be scheduled all on one day or can be split between several days. Of course, our hope is that you will enjoy working with us at Maker Faire and want to participate throughout the weekend. We’re happy to work with you on your schedule in terms of breaks and time off to experience Maker Faire on your own.

Onsite Departments

  • Set Up Staff — Maker check-in and load-in
  • MAKE Activity Area — support with keeping the area fun and safe
  • Maker Shed (Bookstore) Assistants — General set-up and basic assembly of materials distributed and sold in the bookstore.
  • Information Booth — Answer questions from the public regarding the attractions and their locations.
  • Make, Reuse & Recycle Coordinator — Monitor recycling stations throughout the Faire and educate Faire goers about proper disposal.
  • Maker Check-In Attendants — Assist Makers with check in, welcome packages and directing them to their location.
  • Maker Assistants — Help as needed with breaks and whatever they may need in the way of assistance to help showcase their project.
  • Crafter Assistants — Help as needed with breaks and whatever they may need in the way of assistance to help showcase their project.
  • General Runners — Task related assignments directed by the Show Office.
  • Crowd Control & Traffic Directional — Help monitor traffic flow and give directions.
  • Safety Waiver Stations — Assist with acquiring signatures on waivers and distributing wristbands.


For Completion of at least 4 hours or more:

  • Maker Faire Bragging Rights
  • Day Pass to Maker Faire

For Completion of at least 8 hours or more:

  • Maker Faire Bragging Rights
  • 2 – One day Passes to Maker Faire


If you should have any questions, please contact:

volunteers {at} albuquerque-minimakerfaire.com


Thanks to all our 2013 volunteers who came to meetings, constructed fixtures, helped set up, break down, and everything in between.

2013 Volunteers: David Rodgers; Gustavo Rodgers; Adric Menning; Aubrey Owens; Jerald Cross; the entire Hanson Family (“no relation”); Wendi Flybutter;  Brian Who-Shall-Be-Nameless; David Clements; Natalie Clements; Jessica McElhiney; Susan Cranston; Kristen Hermann; Addie Fryeweaver; Stella Kemper; Alec Valles; Celia Einhorn; Johnny Nichols; Christopher Blaz; Maggie Robinson; Liam Robinson; Ellen Dornan; Janine Al-bayati; Mary Rafferty; David Alford; Bandit; Cliff Skolnick; George Athens; Heather Hurd; Tom Hamilton; Marco Berry; Greg Moran; Craig Goldsmith; Dan Daniels; Wayne Bodmer (emeritus); Anna Alvarado; Fred Hintze; Yvonne Padilla; Dayna Diamond; Kathleen Connors; Juli Fowler; QueLab and all of its members. (And of course, anybody we neglected to include — mea culpa!)


Thanks to all our 2012 Volunteers who are truly the Makers of this Faire. They are amazing and they can accomplish anything. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

2012 Volunteers: Adric Menning, Antonio Minitrez, Aryon Hopkins, Aubrey Owens, Beverly Bennett, Caroline Dennis, Craig Goldsmith, Danielle Ferreira, Holly von Winckel, Jeff Phipps, Jerry Cross, Jessica McElhiney, Jessica Weybright, Jimena Bodmer, John Ayala, Kristen Sandoval, Larry Dishman, Lisa Casaus, Luke Davis, Maggie Gould, Marissa Perez, Mike Nadler, Nathan Wallwork, Patty Meyer, Ricky Chavez, Sarah Barba, Sean Leonard, Suzanne Feldberg, Tim Torres, Walter Duran, Wayne Bodmer and Wendi Flybuttter.

…And to Quelab who basically said YES before I even asked them to co-host this Maker Faire. If you haven’t drop in to Quelab you are missing out on a great experience.

Thanks you everyone. Enjoy the Faire!
Charel Morris, Organizer

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