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Maker Profile: Circuit Fashionwear

Circuit Fashionwear

Maker Faire Attendees can make a wristband that has circuits sewn into it to make a FLASHY expression.  Led lights, small batteries and conductive silver thread make a lighted wristband/bracelet that show off your sparkly nature.

Fun article about soft circuits from MAKE Magazine:

“Do you like crafting or sewing? Do you love LEDs? Well, why not combine your passions with this ‘wire-free’ LED bracelet!

Here’s a quick and relatively easy soft-circuit project we led a workshop on in April 2007. Have a little fun with conductive thread and ‘sewing’ circuits and make a cool battery-powered LED cuff to wear out and about. It is only powered while you are wearing it because the fastener acts as a switch. No soldering/wiring required!” Article LINK

Who knew Science could be so fun!


Maker Profile: 100 Acts of Sewing

100 Acts of Sewing

The goal of Sonya Philip’s “100 Acts of Sewing” project is to make 100 dresses in a year and along the way, get people to think about how clothes are made, while showing them it isn’t difficult to sew their own. Come see the dresses on display at the Albuquerque Mini-Maker Faire and watch as Sonya works on the latest ones.

Each dress is documented as it is made, noting the materials used and who the dress was made for, you can see the progress at the project’s website www.100actsofsewing.com