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Maker Profile: RoboRave Lego Bot

RoboRave Lego Bot

“Inferno” was a robot from Hewlett-Packard that was in the Big Kids line following event during the RoboRAVE International competition in the Albuquerque Convention Center on Saturday, May 5, 2012. Creator Jesse Dunaway said the robot would belch a flame from a Binaca breath freshener container when it turned corners as it followed a line on the floor. Copyright:ABQJournal Photo

“This was part of the Robo Rave event earlier this year. I designed a bot from the lego Mindstorm kits that went above and beyond the competition requirements to generate excitement for what is possible for this Robotics in Education event… beyond the standards our bot has a great costume and the ability to breath fire!” ~Jesse Dunaway

Main guidelines for the bot were that it had to be autonomous for line following and targeted ball release into a container within a specific timeframe.

More pictures on Roboquerque’s website.



Maker Profile: Freeform Photovore

Freeform Photovore

Freeform Photovore_pic

Release the Robots!

A simple, freeform circuit for a light following robot (photovore).  This is a very simple robot using a three-component light controlled motor driver circuit which can be built by anybody who has a soldering iron and a hot glue gun.

Meet the Maker! See it in action!

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