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Maker Profile: ABQZineFest

ABQ ZineFest


ABQ Zine Fest presents HOW-TO make an 8 page Mini Zine from one sheet of 8 x 11 paper! We’ll write, draw, collage, layout and ready our zines for printing!  Learn about the rich history zines (starting with Benjamin Franklin) and D.I.Y. publishing! Try your hand at telling a BIG story on a TINY surface! Fun for the whole family.

Go to this year’s ZineFest in October! More on their website: http://abqzinefest.blogspot.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ABQZineFest

Maker Profile: Mobile Hotel Room

Mobile Hotel Room by Terry Holt

Mobile Hotel Room_THold

Meet the inventor! See the project!

Some Excerpts from Terry’s own journal:

Styrofoam: Art or Invention?  Either way… if you want a camper you can walk away from or live in, in all kinds of weather, THIS may be it…

After coming up with a design that looked like a small salt box house. I decided to do what I call a functional mockup of styrofoam and duct tape. This was low cost and easy to fabricate.

In a week I had a working model. I tested it in 110 degree days and in some cool nights. It worked wonderfully well and stood some pretty high winds too. The news said gusts up to 50 mph but probably not that fast in my yard. But still enough to scare me over my brain child.Terry_Holt

Realizing that the plywood version would be 10 times as heavy and not nearly as good thermally, I decided to stick with the white styrofoam…


…it was time to return to my love in Canada; so I collapsed the shelter onto the trailer and headed North towing my brain child.

It was not an uneventful trip…but… There was more excitement with the lighting, but that is of a more mundane nature…


I measured it’s internal temperature in minus 20-30C weather when heated with a small tent heater. It was over 70F. Styrofoam was a good choice.”            ~Terry Holt

Check out the Quelab’s post and slideshow! http://quelab.net/wordpress/879/terrys-amazing-little-camping-trailer/

Maker Profile: NewMexi Etsy

 NewMexi Etsy


NewMexi Etsy is a group of Etsy Artisans living in the Land Of Enchantment. The crafts and skills of the artist are varied but all have the united goal to support, encourage, motivate, and promote each other. By working together to help build their businesses through sales, swaps, promotions and events, both online and offline the team will promote the Etsy way of life in New Mexico.

In this vein NewMexi Etsy team members have decided to join forces and share the wide range of arts and crafts talents with the people who attend the makers faire.  Our talents include jewelry designers, bead weavers, fiber artist, digital artist, surface artist, photographers, painters, and upcyclers.

Group Site

Maker Profile: Nancy Judd

Nancy Judd – Recycle Runway

About Nancy Judd:

Nancy Judd creates couture fashion sculptures from trash through her business Recycle Runway. Imagine a faux fur coat made with endless loops of cassette tape; a glamorous floor-length evening gown glittering with thousands of pieces of crushed glass, or a flamenco inspired dress made of origami junk mail fans sewn together like fish scales.

Ms. Judd’s elegant eco-fashions are exhibited in international high-traffic venues such as airports, museums, and shopping centers– unexpectedly grabbing people’s attention and inspiring them to look at trash with new eyes. Most recently 21 of her sculptures were on exhibit for a year in the Atlanta International Airport through June 2012. This exhibition will begin a 5 year tour of museums around the United States in 2013. One of her pieces, the Obamanos Coat, is part of the Smithsonian’s permanent collection.

Many of Ms. Judd’s works are sponsored by organizations including Delta Air Lines, Toyota, Target and Coca-Cola. Some of her eco-fashions are created in public workshops, such as Eco Flamenco which was completed during a 19 day event with the participation of 5,000 people. The garment on the left took 650 hours to complete.

Environmental Education is at the heart of Ms. Judd’s work– her goal is to inspire people in a positive, fun and creative context to live lighter on the earth. She has given hundreds of presentations around the country to both youth and adults. Most recently she presented at TEDx in Albuquerque, NM.

Ms. Judd is an artist and environmental educator. She has been working in the field of recycling and waste management for over 20 years. In 1995 she moved to Santa Fe, NM to become the Recycling Coordinator for the City of Santa Fe. In 2000, she started her recycling consulting business and served as Executive Director for the New Mexico Recycling Coalition. Ms. Judd’s recycling career and studio art experience came together when she created her first recycled fashion to promote a public education event she co-founded in 1998. The Recycle Santa Fe Art Market and Fashion Contest is still one of Santa Fe’s popular art events!

Ms. Judd grew up in Portland Oregon and received her BA from Pitzer College (Claremont, California) in Art and Sociology. She spent time at the Laguna Beach Art Institute and in theUniversity of Georgia’s art program in Cortona, Italy. A self-taught seamstress, Ms. Judd has been sewing, designing clothing and jewelry, and making art for as long as she can remember!

Nancy will be doing a presentation about her own work as a Maker well as creating our own Recycle Fashion Fantasy area where attendees can work with Nancy and her team to take a item or two and create a brand ‘new to them’ outfit. And the attendees can learn how to update their own closet by using what they learn at our Maker Faire.

See Nancy’s Atlanta Show