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Maker Profile: RoboRave Lego Bot

RoboRave Lego Bot

“Inferno” was a robot from Hewlett-Packard that was in the Big Kids line following event during the RoboRAVE International competition in the Albuquerque Convention Center on Saturday, May 5, 2012. Creator Jesse Dunaway said the robot would belch a flame from a Binaca breath freshener container when it turned corners as it followed a line on the floor. Copyright:ABQJournal Photo

“This was part of the Robo Rave event earlier this year. I designed a bot from the lego Mindstorm kits that went above and beyond the competition requirements to generate excitement for what is possible for this Robotics in Education event… beyond the standards our bot has a great costume and the ability to breath fire!” ~Jesse Dunaway

Main guidelines for the bot were that it had to be autonomous for line following and targeted ball release into a container within a specific timeframe.

More pictures on Roboquerque’s website.



Make Magazine: Mini-Maker Faires this Weekend!

By , 2012/09/19 @ 2:00 pm

In 2012 there will be close to 60 Mini Maker Faires around the globe.  Mini Maker Faires are organized by individuals, hackerspaces and maker groups, schools, and larger institutions like science museums.  They are diverse in scope, resources and origin, but all share an interest in connecting and celebrating makers.

At World Maker Faire New York next weekend, over twenty such Mini Maker Faire producers will be meeting up, telling stories, and learning about new tools.

If you are interested in meeting some of these folks and learning more about our Mini Maker Faire program, please come out to Maker Faire New York for our Sunday 11 a.m. morning session “Mini Maker Faires: Building Local Maker Community Around the Globe.”  Note that if you can’t make it, you can watch the livestream at google.com/+MAKE.

Now for the updates!   Two Mini Maker Faires are happening this weekend:

(Taken directly from Make Magazine.)  Read More Here

Maker Profile: 4-H Starbucks

4-H StarBucks- Sandoval County 4H

NM 4H logoHead, Heart, Health, Hands

4-H is a great way to connect children to multiple activities. We have everything from livestock to technology activities. Take a look at a few of the crafts that have been made through the year. We have other items  at the State Fair.

Please come have a look and take part in our Leather Crafting demo! http://sandovalextension.nmsu.edu/4h.html




Maker Profile: Onionizing Illustration

Onionizing Illustration

“This display focuses on the creation of my personal characters, and how they are brought to life through pictures, stories and wearable art. Visitors are encouraged to create their own characters and stories, and to examine the processes that go into illustrating a picture or story. Namely, character design, concepting, research and execution techniques.” ~Lisa Casaus


Maker Profile: New Tribe Textiles


Sunshine, sage and earth

Weaving has a central place in our history as human beings – some of the oldest human creations in existence are weavings.  Weaving has an important history in the Southwest as well – the native cultures were masters of this art form and their work both past and present is collected around the world.

The goal is to get as many people as possible to bring something to weave into the tapestry.  At the event a loom will be setup and operational for all to use.  People can bring things which might have some significance to them – a favorite old shirt, locks of hair, plant fibers from a special place, yarn, ribbon, string, etc.  At the Faire these “wefts” will be woven by the attendee into the tapestry on the loom.  If an attendee does not have anything we will have plenty of colorful “weft” yarn on hand for them to weave – so everyone can participate.

By the end of the day we will hopefully have a tapestry of some length.  The texture of which will be very exciting and interesting from all the included materials, engaging viewers and participants on a personal level. The City of Albuquerque has asked to be able to display this community art after the Faire and it will come back and be displayed at next years event for all too see!

More about New Tribe textiles on their website: newtribetextiles.net