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Maker Faire San Fransico 2010

We’re getting excited for this years Albuquerque Maker Faire, Coming September 23rd! Where will you be?

Maker Profile: Circuit Fashionwear

Circuit Fashionwear

Maker Faire Attendees can make a wristband that has circuits sewn into it to make a FLASHY expression.  Led lights, small batteries and conductive silver thread make a lighted wristband/bracelet that show off your sparkly nature.

Fun article about soft circuits from MAKE Magazine:

“Do you like crafting or sewing? Do you love LEDs? Well, why not combine your passions with this ‘wire-free’ LED bracelet!

Here’s a quick and relatively easy soft-circuit project we led a workshop on in April 2007. Have a little fun with conductive thread and ‘sewing’ circuits and make a cool battery-powered LED cuff to wear out and about. It is only powered while you are wearing it because the fastener acts as a switch. No soldering/wiring required!” Article LINK

Who knew Science could be so fun!


Maker Profile: Supercomputing Challenge

Supercomputing Challenge

Supercomputing Challenge is a non profit where mid and high schoolers get a chance to make a difference in their community or in real science and math NOW!

The Mission of the Supercomputing Challenge is to teach teams of middle and high schools students how to use powerful computers to analyze, model and solve real world problems.

Supercomputing Challenge teams tackle a range of interesting problems to solve. The most successful projects address a topic that holds great interest for the team. In recent years, ideas for projects have come from Astronomy, Geology, Physics, Ecology, Mathematics, Economics, Sociology, and Computer Science. It is very important that the problem a team chooses is what we call “real world” and not imaginary. A “real world” problem has measurable components. We use the term Computational Science to refer to science problems that we wish to solve and explain using computer models. See their website’s science projects page for details and examples.

More on their website: http://supercomputingchallenge.org


Maker Profile: Recycle Everything!

Recycle Everything with Joy Raab-Faber

Recycling Everything

Plant hanger with flowers, made from recycled baling twine

Copy, beg, collect, save up, swap and recycle everything! I look for the shortest most direct path to recycling everything from paper to tractor parts. I want my work to demonstrate that recycling is easy, fun, sometimes profitable, always entertaining and leaves you with a big smile! Recycling is also an excellent vehicle for networking and learning new skills.

I work hard to invest my work with simple human power and to recycle using less energy than it takes to make the objects in the first place, non-toxic glue and paints and durable finishes when required.                               ~Joy Raab-Faber

Hands-on activities all day long!

Maker Profile: New Tribe Textiles


Sunshine, sage and earth

Weaving has a central place in our history as human beings – some of the oldest human creations in existence are weavings.  Weaving has an important history in the Southwest as well – the native cultures were masters of this art form and their work both past and present is collected around the world.

The goal is to get as many people as possible to bring something to weave into the tapestry.  At the event a loom will be setup and operational for all to use.  People can bring things which might have some significance to them – a favorite old shirt, locks of hair, plant fibers from a special place, yarn, ribbon, string, etc.  At the Faire these “wefts” will be woven by the attendee into the tapestry on the loom.  If an attendee does not have anything we will have plenty of colorful “weft” yarn on hand for them to weave – so everyone can participate.

By the end of the day we will hopefully have a tapestry of some length.  The texture of which will be very exciting and interesting from all the included materials, engaging viewers and participants on a personal level. The City of Albuquerque has asked to be able to display this community art after the Faire and it will come back and be displayed at next years event for all too see!

More about New Tribe textiles on their website: newtribetextiles.net