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Maker Profiles: Joe Grand

Joe Grand – Prototype This!

About Joe Grand:

Joe Grand is an electrical engineer, hardware hacker, and daddy. He has been involved in electronics since the age of seven and specializes in the invention and design of consumer devices and modules for electronics hobbyists.

He runs product development firm Grand Idea Studio and is on the technical advisory board of MAKE Magazine. Joe was a member of the legendary hacker collective L0pht Heavy Industries and was a co-host of Prototype This, an engineering entertainment show on Discovery Channel that followed the real life design process of a unique prototype every episode.

Joe will be presenting a talk which goes into what it took, in reality, to make the projects for his show – Prototype This. And he will also have a booth to display and talk with you about his most recent hobbyist –related modules and projects (Laser RangeFinder, RFID, Text-to-Speech Module)

And if he has room in his suitcase he may also bring some electronics bits and pieces from Prototype This.

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