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Maker Profile: Stick Stand

Stick Stand – Tara Carstensen-Wheeler

Tara Carstensen-Wheeler

“I’ve always made stuff.  If I’m not making something, there’s something seriously wrong with me.  I’m constantly looking at things, looking at how to make them better, incorporate them into other things, trying to make them do things they really weren’t originally meant to do.  My hands are usually in tatters; ripped up nails, cuts, burns, blisters, scrapes, bruises, rough, covered with bits of ink, paint, wood putty or glue.  Eyes may be the windows to the soul, but a life is observed in the hands.” ~Tara Carstensen-Wheeler

Tara’s Stick Stand project is featured in the current issue of Make Magazine (#30).  It’s a mod of a ball-head monopod that allows it to safely hold an iPad or similar pad tablet.

Come see how to MAKE things better at Albuquerque Mini Maker Faire 2012.

Stickstand from MAKE: 30: Smarter Homes
Go hands-free and mount your tablet on a monopod. by Tara Wheeler

Tara is also an amazing knitter!  She has created patterns for Dr. Who recreation scarf’s that are wildly popular. Tara’s main website is

Crafts a DIY make you a Maker!

Maker Profile: Freeform Photovore

Freeform Photovore

Freeform Photovore_pic

Release the Robots!

A simple, freeform circuit for a light following robot (photovore).  This is a very simple robot using a three-component light controlled motor driver circuit which can be built by anybody who has a soldering iron and a hot glue gun.

Meet the Maker! See it in action!

More here


Maker Profile: NewMexi Etsy

 NewMexi Etsy


NewMexi Etsy is a group of Etsy Artisans living in the Land Of Enchantment. The crafts and skills of the artist are varied but all have the united goal to support, encourage, motivate, and promote each other. By working together to help build their businesses through sales, swaps, promotions and events, both online and offline the team will promote the Etsy way of life in New Mexico.

In this vein NewMexi Etsy team members have decided to join forces and share the wide range of arts and crafts talents with the people who attend the makers faire.  Our talents include jewelry designers, bead weavers, fiber artist, digital artist, surface artist, photographers, painters, and upcyclers.

Group Site

Maker Profile: 100 Acts of Sewing

100 Acts of Sewing

The goal of Sonya Philip’s “100 Acts of Sewing” project is to make 100 dresses in a year and along the way, get people to think about how clothes are made, while showing them it isn’t difficult to sew their own. Come see the dresses on display at the Albuquerque Mini-Maker Faire and watch as Sonya works on the latest ones.

Each dress is documented as it is made, noting the materials used and who the dress was made for, you can see the progress at the project’s website


Maker Profile: Albuquerque Rocket Society

Albuquerque Rocket SocietyAlbuquerque Rocket Society pic

Model rocketry is an extremely rewarding combination of designing,
building, launching, and recovering entry level to high power rockets.
Whether your interest lies in launching small rockets with an “A”
motor, very large “level three” motored rockets, or anything in
between, you are certainly welcome to join us! Simply show up at one
of our meetings or launches, which are free and open to the public.
Guests and observers are always welcome! 🙂

Our club website, has map and directions to
the launch site, club schedules, archives of videos and pictures of
launches, and many links to other rocketry sites.

At the Mini-Maker Faire, the Albuquerque Rocket Society will present
a talk: Introduction to Model Rocketry. We will also have a booth
with rockets on display, handouts, and a paper-rocket making activity
for the kids.